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Since 1990, we have taken pride in doing things the right way and have dedicated ourselves to producing quality products. Our beef is bred with highly desirable Angus genetics. Each animal is raised as nature intended, without the use of added growth hormones or antibiotics on a grass-fed and grass-finished diet to ensure uncompromising quality and exceptional flavor.

The Meyer Natural Foods Humanely Handled Program includes the highest levels of integrity. Our program complies with both the USDA and the cattle industry's best practices for humane handling.

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What is Angus Beef?

Angus is a breed of cattle prized for its exceptional quality and beautiful marbling. Today's Angus Cattle breeds all originated from Scotland and is the most popular cattle breed in the United States today. Our Grass-Fed Angus Beef is made from cattle raised only on a grass-fed and grass-finished diet for exceptional marbling and a high-quality eating experience.

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The Hutchinson Family - OK

Time honored tradition and dedication is part of what makes up family owned and operated farms and ranches. Chain Ranch, located in Canton, OK, was built on these traditions. In 1893, Oscar Chain traded fifty dollars and a shotgun for 160 acres. Six generations and 128 years later, the ranch still resides at the original home location where the same principles put in place by Oscar are still the basis of the operation. Today, Chain Ranch is operated by Newley and Mandy Hutchinson and their two sons. Newley is the great grandson to Oscar Chain.